On Track, Centre for Sports Excellence is the culmination of years of sports science experience with the aim of providing world class sports medicine support to not only elite athletes the world over but also to the general public. Having been involved in several of our South African National teams including our Olympic and Commonwealth teams, it became essential to provide a facility in KwaZulu-Natal where athletes and sporting individuals could go to receive the special attention they required.

Apart from the elite athlete, local clubs and active individuals in the Durban and KZN area, have benefited from our multi-disciplinary team of sports science specialists. Our aim is to assist individuals reach their maximum potential and improve their performance.

We can assist with the following:

  • Management and prevention of Sports Injuries with prompt return to sport
  • Assessment of movement and video analysis
  • Sports Specific stretching, strengthening and conditioning programmes
  • Assessment of sports equipment, eg. Height of bike seat, grip of tennis racquet
  • Sports psychology and nutrition
  • Visual exercises and stimulation
  • Fitness and agility- training and testing
  • Sports massage therapy
  • Rehabilitation of orthopaedic conditions/surgeries
  • Persons with disabilities (in a wheelchair friendly environment)
  • Medical conditions- stroke, cardiac, diabetes

Through our experience, research and work with several sporting federations, we understand the demands of the body in different sports and activities and have identified injury risk factors. We can therefore educate the general public as well as coaches, training staff, parents and athletes on how to reach peak performance. Let us RAISE YOUR GAME!